120 Hour In Class TEFL Course

120 Hour In Class TEFL Course

TESOL Training International's 120 Hour in class training course is internationally recognized and accredited.
120 Hour Weekend TEFL Certification Course

120 Hour Weekend TEFL Certification Course

Working full time? Unable to commit to week day training? It's no Problem @ TESOL Training International - Cebu.
Open Tesol Training 120 hour distance learning

Open Tesol Training 120 hour distance learning

Want to get TEFL Certified, but can't travel to our training facility? No Problem. Call us to find out how.
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Expert Teachers

Top Notch tuition from TESOL Training International's trainers, who are all experts in their fields.

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TESOL Training International Teachnig Practice

Teaching Practice

Turn theory into practice with our six fully mentored classroom sessions in front of real young learners, within a real classroom.

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Quality Materials

All our courses use quality training materials to help you achieve your goals, and can be used later in real classroom settings .

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An Accent The World Understands

Does your accent hold you back? Do your students or clients misunderstand you? Do you find it hard to pronounce English clearly? If you can answer YES to any of these questions, then you need to work on neutralizing your own regional accent.

TESOL Training International’s Accent Neutralization Training Course is just what you need to step up to the next level in your career.

A neutral accent is a way of speaking a language without regionalism. Speaking with an accent sometimes affects our communication skills and at its worst, spoils your image in public. To make ourselves be understood easier by learners of English we should speak as much as possible with a neutral accent. By speaking with a neutral English accent, it is easier for students to understand us. Having a neutral English accent allows us to speak well in Job interviews, public forums and work places. We can interact with society smoothly, and we can avoid frustration, inferiority complexes and disappointments from people asking us to repeat what we've said.

This brand new Accent Neutralization Training Course from TESOL Training International – Cebu will help you to sharpen your language skills towards clear pronunciation and easy listener understanding. The Neutral accent training will help you to reduce your regional accent and to speak English in an elegant style with clear pronunciation. Being able to communicate clearly is required by ESL Teachers, BPO and call center customer service agents, voice over artists, actors, pilots, business people, leaders and socialites. In fact, the list is almost endless as everyone can benefit from speaking clearly.

This training course from TESOL Training International – Cebu, teaches you to reduce your mother-tongue-influence while speaking the English language. We cover topics such as: Phonetics, Jaw Exercises, Vowel & Consonants Sounds, Syllable and Word Stress, Sentence Formation, Working on Thought process, Voice modulation, Speech Therapy, and Articulation

Native speakers never expect you to speak English exactly as they do. However, they expect you to speak English clearly so that they can communicate well with you. No one is able communicate without a hint of an accent. But if you speak with heavily accented English, no one will be able to understand what you are trying to say. So speak in a neutral English.

This training from us at TESOL Training International – Cebu, develops your ability to communicate in a standard way that is universally accepted.


Benefits of Training

Achieve your goals to travel and teach English around the world with TESOL Training International - Cebu.

Job Opportunities

Job Opportunities

Gaining TEFL / TESOL Certification from a reputable training facility like TESOL Training International, opens the door to more job opportunities around the world.

Professional Status

Professional Status

Being TEFL / TESOL Certified is a great addition to your CV. It shows you are a serious professional who cares about what you do.

Travel the World

Travel the World

Your TEFL / TESOL certification is your passport not only to work, but to travel the world doing so. Get Certified - Travel and Teach.

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Langrich-On, Inc.,  one of the biggest and leading Online ESL schools in the Philippines, offering English lessons to Japanese students, has sent many of it's teachers to take the TESOL Certificate Course offered by us since January 2014. The third batch is now taking the March training.

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