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Open TESOL Training System (Online)

TESOL Training International - Cebu, is pleased to announce the launch of a brand new approach to gaining TEFL / TESOL CERTIFICATION.

We call it Open TESOL Training System (OTTS)

This gives you all the credibility and training of a course hosted fully on-site, but from the comfort of your own home. If you want to study towards TESOL Certification but don't have the time or finances to take a month out of your busy schedule, then Open TESOL Training System is just the TESOL course for you. Study online, from the comfort of your own home.

On successful completion of all course modules, you will receive the same 120 hour certification as those students who study in one of our training centers. A certificate that is recognized worldwide by thousands of employers, a certificate that proves you have been trained to a high standard, and a certificate that shows that you have the skills needed to teach English to speakers of other languages.

Below are some answers to questions you may have. If the answer is not below please call us directly on +63 32 4155906 or use the contact form, HERE, to send us an email.

  • How much does OPEN TESOL cost?

    Please contact us for up to date pricing for this TESOL course.

  • Is this course a proper TESOL course?

    YES !

    The OPEN TESOL course is a full 120 hour TESOL course with exactly the same content as a TESOL course fulfilled at one of our training centers.

  • What topics does the course include?

    An OPEN TESOL Course involves the student teacher in all of the components of an onsite TESOL Certificate course, but at their own location. The Course includes:

    Foreign Language Experience

    Student Profiling

    Language Awareness – Grammar & Phonology

    Teaching Techniques

    Observed Teaching

    Teaching Practice

    Materials Compilation Project

  • Is the OPEN TESOL an Online Course?

    Unlike other "online" training courses, the OPEN TESOL is not considered to be an online course. This is because of the level of interaction with course tutors and the completion of "hard copy" portfolio evidence.  There are no online forms to fill in or online tick box tests. Everything that you will do is exactly the same as you would do in the training center, except at home. 

    The OPEN TESOL completes all the requirements of an on-site TESOL certificate course through collaborative activities agreed upon between the course tutors and the teacher trainees.

    The TESOL Course Portfolio is completed in hard copy with samples sent to the course tutors.

    Course tutors are available throughout the course on an unlimited basis to assist and advise the teacher trainees.

    Teaching observations and practice are verified through video, lesson plans and self-evaluation.

  • What are the requirements to complete the OPEN TESOL?

    Participation. The teacher trainee must show active participation in the course through:

    DIT arrangements for Foreign Language Experience

    Student Profile


    Teaching Practice

    Completing assignments for the Teaching Techniques component

    Satisfactory interaction with course tutors

    Grades on course tests

    Portfolio. Satisfactory completion of all Portfolio documentation for all course components.

    Practice Teaching. Satisfactory completion of 6 Teaching Practices assessed at the “Meets Expectations” level based upon Lesson plans, and Self-Evaluation forms.

  • What do I have to do to get CERTIFIED?

    To qualify for a TESOL Training International OPEN TESOL Certificate the teacher trainee must:

    Complete all of the components of the OPEN TESOL to the satisfaction of the tutors.

    Complete Portfolio documentation meeting established criteria.

    Provide evidence as required for the completion of the Teaching Techniques and Materials Compilation component

    Show learning progress according to tutor feedback provided on the Teaching Practice classes on Lesson Plans and Reflective Teaching Journals.

    Pass the final course exam at 70+ on teaching techniques and language awareness. 

    Pass a final moderation SKYPE interview with a TESOL Training International moderator.

  • Who are the course tutors?

    All of our OPEN TESOL course tutors work full time for TESOL Training International at our training center in Cebu. 

    All course tutors have extensive English Language Teaching (ELT) experience and advanced degrees. They have the backing of TESOL Training International. TESOL Training International offers an exceptional level of quality in English language teacher training.

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