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TESOL Training International: The Original TEFL/TESOL Training Institute in Cebu, Philippines

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We are an international English language teacher training institute located in Cebu, Philippines. Having paved the way in teacher training programs since 2006, we've produced hundreds of graduates who have gone on to become professional, successful, and well-respected language teachers all over the world.

We began providing the TESOL certificate course in July 2006, and soon became known for our effective and extensive range of courses. Our goal is to generate inter-cultural opportunities for our trainees by providing English education and language training, skills they can take with them anywhere in today’s globalized world.

We believe in providing the highest level of training and service in order to foster individual growth and future success, and therefore constantly work to improve the quality of our courses, materials, and staff.

When Mr. Albert Bayer first brought the TESOL program to the Philippines, his objective was to create opportunities for English-speaking Filipinos to move up from dead-end jobs into decent, high-paying jobs outside of the Philippines. Every day, we strive to carry on that mission by promoting triumph through education, cultural sensitivity, and empowerment through knowledge.

Cebu trainee teachers and students

Our Mission Statement

TESOL Training International provides quality training, and direction for aspiring ESL teachers to learn modern ESL teaching techniques that promote confidence and diversity in the classroom. Training that’s recognised by employers, both domestically and internationally. Training that employees are proud of, and employers expect.

Our Vision

Our vision at TESOL Training International is to become Asia’s leading TESOL course training center for all aspiring ESL teachers. A training facility that delivers well rounded ESL teachers to English language schools and academies around the world.

Train in Modern Comfort

In addition to high-quality training courses, we offer nothing but the best when it comes to facilities and amenities. Upon arrival you will find a training center that is equipped with every modern necessity you need, including free wireless Internet access and air conditioning, to ensure that you can enjoy all the conveniences of home right in the heart of a tropical paradise. We go the extra mile to make sure you feel comfortable; we know that the little things like complimentary coffee and tea can make a large difference in your overall experience.

Outside of the training center walls, you will discover that Cebu is not only beautiful, but also an exceedingly convenient place to live. Public transportation is easy and affordable, and our center is located near many different food and entertainment venues including restaurants, shopping centers, and grocery stores.

Our Staff

TESOL Training International's trainers have gained Masters degrees in English Language Teaching and a Doctorate Degree in Developmental Education coupled with 10-15 years of solid English Language Teaching experience.


At TESOL Training International, Cebu, we employ only the most qualified and experienced professional teachers for our teacher training staff. Each member of our staff is not only well-versed in the most up-to-date language education methodologies, but have many years of practical experience dealing with various kinds of classroom settings and students. As a result, they know firsthand and are sensitive of the needs of each individual trainee. In addition, because our trainers are all active TEFL teachers with experience teaching around the world, their students will have ample opportunities throughout the training period to observe their instructor in action and receive much-needed feedback from different members of our staff.

TEFL Trainees

Throughout the years we have trained English teachers of all different ages, nationalities, and from different walks of life. It is an absolute pleasure getting to know such a diverse array of people each year; while we provide the training and necessary educational materials, it is our trainees that bring passion and their unique perspective on life which makes for a diverse and rich experience.

We value diversity, and therefore welcome applicants of all race, gender, age, and nationality. While you do not need to have an in-depth understanding of the structures of the English language (we will go over this during the training course), we do ask that applicants possess a native or near-native level of spoken and written English fluency. We also ask that you come with an open mind, as well as the willingness to learn and meet new people.

Accreditation & University Credits

All our training courses are monitored by a third-party panel of world-renowned academics and TEFL professionals. Our Board of Academic Advisors is comprised of such TEFL experts, and works with us to ensure that we are providing high quality courses with the most modern language training advancements.

The training you receive at our center in Cebu is constantly monitored and quality controlled to not only meet but exceed the standards that are used to regulate TEFL courses. Additionally, we fully meet the employment criteria set forth for British Council accredited language skills. Finally, there is a high possibility that as an TESOL Training International trainee, you will be eligible to receive credit at certain universities and colleges in the United States.


Langrich Logo

Langrich-On, Inc.,  one of the biggest and leading Online ESL schools in the Philippines, offering English lessons to Japanese students, has sent many of it's teachers to take the TESOL Certificate Course offered by us since January 2014. The third batch is now taking the March training.

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