Choose Cebu for your TEFL Course in the Philippines

When you sign up for your TEFL course in the Philippines you'll find that it's not all work and no play, when you come to study with us TESOL Training International in Cebu.

TESOL Training International - Cebu, is the first and original TEFL Course in the Philippines.

Sure, time is limited and there is a huge amount of work to cram into just a month, but you will have time to take in some of Cebu's best sights and try some of her tastiest delicacies.

Cebu is a small island centrally located among the other 7105 islands that make up the Philippines. But don't let it's size worry you, there are many things to keep you occupied during your down time.

In the video below you will get a taste of what our wonderful island has to offer, there is something for everyone. Be it simply world class shopping or climbing mountains, you will surely want to stay for another month just to fit it all in.

There are many informative websites detailing the treasures that Cebu has to offer so I wont go into detail here, except to say that, you should really make time to interact with the whale sharks in Oslob and go canyoneering in Moalboal.

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If you are lucky enough to book your TEFL Course in the Philippines with us in January, you will be able to experience SINULOG. This is Cebu's largest fiesta of the year, and the whole city grinds to a halt as 100s of thousands of people come together to celebrate the Santo Niño de Cebú which is a Roman Catholic title of a statue of the Child Jesus in Cebu City of Philippines. The image is venerated as miraculous by many Filipino Catholics. Just choose a spot on the parade route and take in the spectacle of hundreds of dance troops all dancing to one rhythm, to one beat.

An interesting afternoon out is to visit the Jail in Cebu City. Yes, you read that correctly. Cebu is the home of the world famous, thanks mainly to Youtube, dancing inmates. Spaces are limited and they have to be booked in advance, but it's well worth seeing how Cebu's correctional facility uses dance and music to help rehabilitate its inmates.

If food is your thing, and let's face it, it's a wonderful thing that we all enjoy, then Cebu has some of the best eating there is. There are restaurants from almost every corner of the world in this city and most of them wont break the bank when it comes time to settle up. I would recommend that at least once, you succumb to the tastiest spit roast pork there is, known locally as “Lechon Baboy”. There are also many “eat all you can” restaurants who serve up a great selection of dishes from around the world for you to enjoy. When you signup for a TEFL Course in the Philippines, you are sure to take many fond memories with you on your ESL journey. 

TEFL course in the Philippines - Spit Roasted Pig Photo

Our team at TESOL Training International have a wealth of local knowledge and would be happy to make suggestions and give you ideas of what to do and see while you spend your time with us in Cebu.


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Langrich-On, Inc.,  one of the biggest and leading Online ESL schools in the Philippines, offering English lessons to Japanese students, has sent many of it's teachers to take the TESOL Certificate Course offered by us since January 2014. The third batch is now taking the March training.

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