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How to choose The Best TESOL Certification Course in Asia

When you are trying to choose 'The Best TESOL Certification Course in Asia', it’s a fact, that not all TEFL / TESOL course are created equal. The biggest problem with this, is that you, the inexperienced, new to teaching trainee, often over look the foundations and fundamentals of the course you are about to embark on.

We see this time and time again on social media, people asking ‘What’s the cheapest?’ ‘Is this Groupon deal worth it?’ ‘Why is it expensive?’. Don’t believe me? I challenge you then to join a few groups on your favorite social media channel and just watch those questions roll in.

Let’s look at those questions above and throw some light on them.

‘What’s the cheapest?’
I know money is tight sometimes, but you are investing in your future, your ability to gain future employment and your skill-set. The old adage ‘You get what you pay for’ really hits the mark as far as getting TEFL or TESOL Certified is concerned. Think about why that course is cheap, what it really offers you in terms of quality and experience, and would the certification actually be worth the paper it is printed on. In many Asian countries, for example, the school you graduated from carries as much esteem as the qualification itself. Would you really want to turn up for a job interview at the ESL department of The University of Tokyo, with a TEFL Certificate from some ‘certificate mill’ in the backwoods of nowhere? And embarrass yourself. NO! On the other hand, if you presented a certificate from an established TESOL training center, with a long established track record of offering good quality TEFL or TESOL training, you would be in for a shot at the vacant position. Don’t forget the HR department will often try to verify certification, and the internet makes that extremely easy to do.

‘Is this Groupon deal worth it?’
In general ‘NO’. Remember teaching is as much about reputation as anything else. As a ‘Professional Teacher’ you should be doing everything you can to keep that reputation intact. In a similar way to the question, ‘What’s the cheapest?’, do you really think TEFL Certification from a company that will give you a 90% discount on their normal fee is going to reflect a decent level of quality, training and experience? The majority of the TEFL companies that offer ‘deals’ via companies like Groupon are just, as already mentioned, Certificate Mills. Another thing to consider is that most of those ‘deals’ won’t give you the hands on, real teaching practice that makes a decent TEFL Certificate course worth doing. Remember, getting yourself trained is just as much about gaining the experience needed to stand in front of 60 kids in a state run school in China as it is being able to hold that certification in your sticky mitt!

‘Why is it expensive?’
Is it really? If you want the Best TESOL Certification Course in Asia, you shouldn't try to sign up for the cheapest! Actually when you compare it against the cost of other ‘professional’ training courses, TEFL Training and certification from a reputable TESOL / TEFL course provider like TESOL Training International - Cebu, is extremely good value for money. Whilst the cost varies from country to country, expect to pay in excess of $1000 for good quality TEFL Training that will stand you in good stead. Bear in mind also, that any decent TEFL Training Course will be an ‘In-Class’ training course. Meaning you will have to attend the training center daily for a set number of days, usually 20 working days ( one month course). That means, on your $1000 TEFL Training Course, you are only paying the TESOL Training Center $50 a day to give you the training, experience and opportunity to travel the world and teach English. The Average cost for other professional training courses is around £1500 for just 3 days! So, we would say NO, a decent, good quality, TESOL Certification Training Course is not expensive at all. If you are not ready to invest in your future, you are not ready to stand there in front of 60 blank faces as you try to explain who you are on the first day in class (You wont get that training from a discount ‘Groupon’ TEFL course!).

This is also a good opportunity to refer you to the difference between the two acronyms we use a lot, TEFL and TESOL. Essentially they mean exactly the same thing. TEFL = Teaching English as a Foreign Language. And TESOL = Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages. It’s interesting to note that TESOL is a ‘newer’ phrase and encompasses what used to be called TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) and TESL (Teaching English as a Second Language).

Now we know what is involved in choosing a good, reputable TEFL / TESOL Training course and training provider, you now need to think about what the course involves. We have already mentioned that The Best TESOL Certification Course in Asia should be an In-Class Training Course of 20 days, this is also routinely referred to as a 120 Hour TEFL / TESOL Training Course, or a 120 Hour TEFL / TESOL Certification Course. But you should also ask yourself the following questions:

Does the BEST TESOL Certification Course in Asia:

  • Meet international standards for the regulation of acceptable English language teaching certification?
  • Include 120 or more hours of training and input?
  • Include at least 6 hours of real ‘hands-on’ teaching practice with performance evaluation and critique.
  • Include lessons that cover teaching skills, classroom management, language awareness, phonology and how to apply, prepare and teach these skills effectively?
  • Assess trainees progress continually during the course through projects, assignments, teaching practice and also include a final exam?
  • Have moderation and inspections by an independent teaching body or professional?
  • Meet the approval and recognition of respected, independent professional bodies and individuals?
  • Update its input to reflect developments in language teaching?
  • Offer a certificate at the end of the course that is valued and internationally recognized?

If the answer to any of the above points is no, then search for another TEFL Certification Training Center that does.

Here at TESOL Training International – Cebu, we have been offering quality TESOL / TEFL Training for over 12 years. We pride ourselves at fulfilling ALL of the above criteria that go to make up a great value TEFL / TESOL Training course for our students. But don’t take our word for it, check out some of our recent reviews from former students and make your own mind up. If you want to get The Best TESOL Certification Course in Asia, APPLY NOW !

"That which costs little, is less valued."
Miguel De Cervantes (1547 – 1616, Spanish novelist, poet and playwright)


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