Graduate Verification

If you are a TEFL teacher applying to work, especially with a Chinese company, you’ll need to be able to verify your TESOL Training International TEFL certificate online.

Why do I need to verify my TEFL certificate?

The regulations for teaching English online with Chinese companies have recently changed to ensure you have an accredited TEFL certification with teaching experience.

As part of the new regulations, employers need to be able to verify your TEFL certificate online. This is to ensure the authenticity of your certification and that you’re qualified to teach English.

So, not only do you need a minimum of a 120 hour TEFL course, you will also need proof. Verifying your TESOL Training International 120 Hour TEFL certificate is simple.

How do I verify my TESOL Training International TEFL certificate?

To verify your TESOL Training International TEFL certificate, and guarantee its authenticity, simply follow the link below and enter in the required information.


Verify My TESOL Certificate


TESOL Training International - 120 Hour TESOL Certificate

Sample TESOL Training International 120 Hour TESOL/TEFL Certificate


With a quality TESOL Training International TEFL course behind you, you will be able to take on the world of teaching English both online and in the classroom. But don’t forget, being able to verify your certificate is becoming more important than ever. Many employers are now looking to verify your qualifications, so ensuring you have a recognized and verifiable certification is crucial.



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