TESOL Training International's 120 Hour in class training course is internationally recognized and accredited. We run monthly training sessions at our training center in Cebu, Philippines.  

TESOL Training International - Cebu's 120 Hour TESOL/TEFL Training Course

There are a dizzying number of TESOL course providers and the recognition, or validity, of their TEFL and TESOL certificates vary considerably. However, there are only a few international organizations that are truly well established, recognized and internationally accredited—one of them is TESOL Training International under its parent company Internexus Global Network Education in San Diego California, USA.

TESOL Certificate

The vast majority of English language schools and institutes around the world require 120 hours of training completed by an externally moderated and accredited organization that meets international regulatory standards.

In order to meet these standards laid down by organizations such as TESOL in the USA and the British Council in the UK, TEFL or TESOL courses must include at least six hours of observed and constructively critiqued TESOL lessons with non-native speakers as their students.

Believe it or not, many providers simply have trainees delivering lessons to fellow trainees!

The course should also offer dynamic lessons for the trainees themselves, covering all aspects of TESOL, including methodology, language awareness, among others and have a grading system based on performance teaching as well as on a final exam.

International TESOL Training

By holding certification from a well-known organization, potential employers can see that you’ve completed a reputable TESOL course which included six hours of observed teaching practice, that you completed all projects and assignments outlined in the course, and that the delivery of your lessons was of a high standard.

Many providers offer shorter, weekend courses that don’t meet international standards. If you take these courses and your potential employer asks about your certificate, they’ll easily see that your course did not offer the same features as those needed for meaningful certification. If you take one of these courses, it’s important to understand that a certificate from this type of course may not get you many job offers from decent employers.

Therefore, if you plan to teach English abroad, it is to your benefit as well as the benefit of your students, that you enroll in a course that meets international standards.

TESOL Certification Course Checklist

When selecting a TEFL/TESOL course, you should ask yourself, does the course:

  • Meet international standards for the regulation of acceptable English language teaching certification?  green tick
  • Include 120 or more hours of training and input?  green tick
  • Include lessons that cover teaching skills, classroom management, language awareness, phonology and how to apply, prepare and teach these skills effectively?  green tick
  • Assess trainees progress continually during the course through projects, assignments, teaching practice and also include a final exam?  green tick
  • Have moderation and inspections by an independent teaching body or professional?  green tick
  • Meet the approval and recognition of respected, independent professional bodies and individuals?  green tick
  • Update its input to reflect developments in language teaching?  green tick
  • Offer a certificate at the end of the course that is valued and internationally recognized?  green tick

Now we know what makes a great TESOL/TEFL Training Course, let's see what you can expect from TESOL Training International - Cebu.

4 Week Face-to-face TESOL Certification in Cebu, Philippines

At TESOL Training International - Cebu, we believe the world is your classroom, which is why we provide a comprehensive and well-rounded TEFL education that utilizes both classroom learning and hands-on practice. Our 4 week TEFL certification course in Cebu allows you to receive world-class training while enjoying the rolling hills and crystal clear ocean waters of the beautiful Cebu Island.

Our courses provide a high level quality education in areas such as:

  • Theoretical learning through lectures and books
  • Practical teaching experience with actual students
  • Advanced grammar, phonology, phonemics, and other aspects of language awareness
  • Trust-building with students and effective communication skills
  • Lesson planning, classroom management, discipline, and other teaching techniques

By working with you on a wide array of teaching elements, we ensure that you do not leave our facilities with an unbalanced or one-sided English education training.

Students attending to a TESOL session

Course Features

By committing to an in-class 120 hour TEFL certification course, you are telling us that you are willing to put in the time, effort, and expenses necessary to achieve an important goal in your life. We don't take that lightly. We understand and value this level of commitment; therefore we do everything we can on our end to make sure you receive the highest quality training and ongoing support so that this certification can be the stepping stone for your future ongoing success.

Some of our course features include:

  • An internationally accepted and recognized TEFL certificate
  • Over 120 hours of study
  • Examination, accreditation, and certification fees included at no additional charge
  • 6-10 hours of actual teaching practice with real students
  • Course and teaching materials
  • Internationally qualified and highly experienced instructors
  • Comfortable and affordable accommodations (*)
  • Comforts and amenities such as airport pickup, tourist excursions, and group meals (*)
  • Modern, air-conditioned facilities with computers and Internet access
  • Lifelong job support

(*): Not included in the fees, but can be arranged at additional cost.

While we may not be able to foresee every single issue that may arise during your training period, we always strive to provide the most comprehensive and hands-on support and service to our trainees as possible.

Having fun at a local restaurant

TEFL Course Assessment

Our in-class TEFL trainees are evaluated in several different ways. Here is the breakdown of each area of assessment:

  • 50% - Teaching Practice
  • 15% - Material Compilation
  • 5% - Unknown Language Journal
  • 10% - Lesson Observation Journal
  • 10% - Grammar Test
  • 10% - Phonology Test

Practical Teaching Experience

We know that the best English teachers are not simply book smart, but can deliver the necessary information in an engaging way while truly connecting with their students. This is why we focus heavily on the practical teaching experience element in our in-class TEFL certification courses. During these sessions, trainees will have the opportunity to interact with real ESL students and practice teaching what they have learned.

TESOL Training International - Cebu, Teacher Training Activities

Furthermore, we offer our trainees instruction in a previously unlearned foreign language so they can better understand what it feels like to be in the student's shoes. This, along with the student profile portion of the course, creates empathy and equips the trainees with the skills they will need to establish the necessary rapport with their students in the future. During the student profile portion in particular, each trainee is matched with an individual student with whom they will work throughout the course. The trainee will meet the student multiple times and ultimately create a profile on him/her, after which the trainee can complete a private lesson with the student.

Course Materials

We will provide all classroom materials, including a primary course manual which covers language awareness/grammar, classroom management, phonetics, and teaching skills.

In addition, we also provide the following:

An A4 folder to be organized in the following manner

  • 1) TEFL Course Log
  • 2) Teaching Practice lesson plan, materials, and assessment
  • 3) Foreign Language Journal
  • 4) Language Observation Journal

A TEFL Notes file to include the following headings:

  • 1) Timetable
  • 2) Teaching Skills
  • 3) Classroom Management
  • 4) Grammar
  • 5) Phonology
  • 6) Recommended Reading List

Recommended reading

  • Book on Methodology: The Practice of English Language Teaching, J. Harmer
  • Book on Grammar: English Grammar in Use, R. Murphy, Cambridge University Press
TESOL Training International - Cebu, Student Teachers and Their Students

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