Review of TESOL Training International - Cebu

A Review of TESOL Training International - Cebu's 120 hour Online TESOL Course

Yang Hu

The summer being in the international TESOL training center is way beyond my expectations. I experienced a lot and learnt a lot.

The Theory Part

The instructors helped us go through a lot of useful teaching theory,philosophies all the way down to the practical activities. The whole picture about teaching becomes clearer. More importantly, we are equipped with more resources and tools.

The Practical Part

The hands-on experiences in Philippines are so valuable. Through real teachings I learnt various ways of making the learning truly communicative. By observing my peers’ teaching, I understand my strength and weaknesses more. The design of each class is so challenging. And I’m so impressed by the ability of instructors to modify teaching plan to make it truly coherent, systematic and adaptive to students’ level.

The learning experience in the CEBU international training center help me realize that teaching is a true craft. It can even be said to be an art which involves making each part of the plan cluster together as a piece of organic work. While executing the teaching plan, teacher may have to balance between impromptus behaviors and planned targets, making teaching flexible and organized at the same time.

The most rewarding part about teaching I think is to feel the students’ improvement in English and push them forward in terms of communication skills and team works. TESOL training center has helped me to better achieve this goal.

Learning create value. I felt the bond between me, instructors and classmates can never end. It’s a wonderful summer, enchanting and memorable with magic.



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