Review of TESOL Training International - Cebu

A Review of TESOL Training International - Cebu's 120 hour Online TESOL Course

Tracy Blackie

I’m so happy I came to do my TESOL in Cebu and be a part of the amazing family of the first class of 2020.

From the first day until the last the centre felt like a home (and we spent more time there than home haha). The staff are amazing, welcoming, warm and wonderful people. Our incredible trainers Gin and Jackie are so supportive, patient and professional. I could not have imagined better people to lead our journey and teach us. I have so much admiration for their teaching skills and experience. Through weeks one and two we learned all about teaching methods and practices. It really opened up my mind to how much is involved in being a good teacher, learning about ways and techniques to guide students effectively through a lesson experience to reach the objective.

Through week three and four, there was a lot of work to be done preparing our lesson plans. This was at times a little overwhelming but with the support of my classmates and our trainers, we managed it well. We all had a lot of fun working together and the safety net of each other was definitely a key element for me. And so we began becoming teachers (Or at least faking it until making it!) starting off with our one to ones. This was a great way to begin to know who I really am as a teacher when faced with a student. Then moving on to our bigger classes, individual and shared teaching. I discovered that I love teaching so much more than I thought I would. Having always struggled with public speaking it was a terrifying concept.

I learned so much about the importance of engaging with the students and making them the centre of the lesson. Letting go of the idea of yourself in front of a room of students and what you need to do and focusing on them and their learning. I have gained so many skills from this course, from communication, to understanding the difficulties students face when learning a second language, to improving my confidence.

I’m so happy that I came to TESOL Training International in Cebu, and I’m excited for what happens next. Believe in yourself and your half way there.



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