Weekend TESOL Class Christmas Dinner

TESOL Training International - Cebu. Weekend TESOL Class Christmas Dinner

'Let's Eat' - is a common phrase you will hear all across the Philippines. Food plays an important part in Filipino culture and is often eaten with fingers and shared with friends.

Our Weekend TESOL Class takes a welcome break and tucks into this traditional Philippine Feast of rice and pork, served up on a banana leaf. Have you ever wanted to experience such a thing? Well, why not sign up for our next Weekend TESOL Class that begins in March 2019? Join us and you'll make some wonderful friends and have amazing memories of a truly outstanding time with us here at TESOL Training International - Cebu.

Although you have to commit your time to making a success of your TESOL Certification course, Cebu is a great place to study in. It has a wide range of activities that cater to all tastes and some of the best food in Asia. 

Your Weekend TESOL Certification Course with TESOL Training International - Cebu covers exactly that same topics as our regular 120 Hour In-Class 4 week TESOL Course. Only it is spread over a longer period because we run the course on a Saturday. This makes it a great option to get your TEFL Certificate if you are currently working and can't commit to the time needed to take our 4 week In-Class TEFL Course.


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Langrich-On, Inc.,  one of the biggest and leading Online ESL schools in the Philippines, offering English lessons to Japanese students, has sent many of it's teachers to take the TESOL Certificate Course offered by us since January 2014. The third batch is now taking the March training.

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