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June 2018 Graduation

TESOL Training International Cebu - June 2018 Graduation

TESOL Training International Weekend Warriors

Weekend 120 Hour TEFL Certification Course

Do you want to get TEFL Certified? But, can't get time off from work. Then our Weekend 120 Hour TEFL Certification course is for you.

This course is exactly the same as our one month intensive 120 Hour TEFL Certification Course, the only difference is that we conduct classes on Saturday. The course takes about 3 months to complete, so you will have to be able to commit to that. As with our one month course, successful graduation is based on full attendance and a completed training portfolio. 

During your TEFL Training we will introduce you to ideas and concepts that are essential to becoming an ESL Teacher in your country of choice.

Core Study Areas

  • Introduction Teaching Internationally
  • TESOL Teaching Approaches, Methods & Techniques
  • Lesson Planning and Curriculum Development
  • Presenting and Teaching Vocabulary
  • The Listening Comprehension Skill
  • Using Music in the Language Classroom
  • Linguistics and Pronunciation
  • Using Video for Language Learning
  • The Reading Comprehension Skill
  • The Writing Skill
  • Teaching English Grammar
  • Communication
  • ESL/EFL Student Assessment

Learn to teach, travel the world.

May 2018 Graduation



April 2018 Graduation


Something New is on the Horizon

We didn't accept any students in March this year as we have been so busy working on a new project!

It's a bit 'Hush Hush' at the moment, but it is extreamely exciting for us.

Watch this space for more news as it develops.


Langrich Logo

Langrich-On, Inc.,  one of the biggest and leading Online ESL schools in the Philippines, offering English lessons to Japanese students, has sent many of it's teachers to take the TESOL Certificate Course offered by us since January 2014. The third batch is now taking the March training.